Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

From Photographer (who takes pictures of burning trucks) to Eagle to Fisherman and eventually to Skeleton, the boy finally settled on his costume for this year.

And what an awesome costume it was.

My mom made this skeleton outfit for me when I was Calder's size. She has kept pretty much everything from my childhood, and we were lucky enough to get to use this treasure today.

The mask was on...

and off...

But he still rocked the bones.

We gathered at his playschool for a pre-trick-or-treat party. (I love his buddy's ghost costume too.)

Then we set out into the soon-dark Halloween night with our little goblins and a gaggle of parents. There were many, "Trick-or-Treats!" and "Don't forget to tell them thank you"'s as we drifted from door to door. It was great. The kids were awesome. I loved being a parent in this situation that I've just witnessed or been a part of as the kid. It was our first year really trick-or-treating. And Calder loved it too.

He didn't hesitate a second to decline our offer to leave his candy out for the toothless Halloween Gnome (or Fairy, or Monster or...) who would take the tooth-rotting sweets in exchange for some lovely toy or gadget. Fair enough.

And he got to choose one candy to eat tonight. The gummy tongue was his pick. And he said it tasted good. Hard core.

+ + +

We had a Halloween without rain. I can't remember the last time that happened. It was a bit of grace for us and was partly responsible for our great evening of adventure. I hope your Hallows Eve was sweet, spooky, and just as nice.

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Tracy said...

Oh I love the idea of a toothless Halloween Gnome! (Too late to introduce this at our house I am afraid...) xo