Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Jumping on the Autumn Color Week train a day late.

Lots of green seen out in the yard... and at the end, a peek of yellow from our walk this past weekend. (Yellow was yesterday's color - and I missed posting - but still wanted to share.

I'm glad green was included in Autumn Color Week. Where it's kind of the disappearing color for some parts of the world at this time of year, for where I live, green is a fairly prominent color. It makes me think of a song on this Christmas cassette I had when I was a kid. It went, "Christmas in the Northwest is a gift God wrapped in green." Digression: I love how some of the oddest, most random things find their way into our childhoods and really add to our individuality. This music was not "cool" but it was catchy, and I remember listening to it a lot as a kid during the holiday season as I tried persuade myself to embrace my northwest winter and stop pining for snow. (With last year as a serious exception, Portland does not get white Christmases.)

So, green. It's a part of our fall. It's a part of our winter. It's pretty much year round here.

Sorry for the on-and-on. Here's more green and that bit of yellow.

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Smorg said...

Wow. Is that a chicken you'll palming in one photo? :o) I wish we have distinct seasons here. Autumn is when I really miss the Midwest!