Wednesday, August 05, 2009

To eat


The first tomato from the garden (besides the Sun Golds that have been here a couple weeks.)

Early Girl with salt. Decent flavor. Sketchy texture. Too firm. I was anxious.


Medium vanilla cone. As tall as me.

Can you taste it?

+ + +

My parents were going to see The Gleaners and I at NW Film Center this evening. Looks interesting. Hope it was.


Soon, Then said...

Hrmmmm, we share a dangerous love for soft serve. How's your tummy feeling today? Last time I ate one half that that size I had a terrible stomach ache, but that won't stop me from eating one again soon!!!

amy said...

Aw geesh! Great pictures. Love the contrast of tomatoes and ice cream. I've never wanted to eat tomatoes and ice cream together. This post is so pretty, it made me want to :)

Kayla said...

Rebecca: I'm experienceing tomato in New England we have had so much rain, nary a red tomato in sight...I do have one tiny cuke that looks a little like a green, spiky ball:)