Monday, June 08, 2009

Where we live

The fundraiser for Jeff's mom was this past Saturday. Her co-workers and lots of volunteers organized a really wonderful community event that raised over $6000 for Carolyn. The event was great fun, and Carolyn says she's actually feeling a lot better as a result of it. The love and support pretty much blows us all away.

I had shirts printed to sell at the benefit. They were silkscreened by a local couple down in Alpine. Super great folks! We really enjoyed getting to meet John and see where he and Barbara live and work. It's pretty special.

The shirts turned out great! I'm really pleased with them. There are still some available in various sizes. I plan on setting up a site so they can be sold online. When it happens I'll let you know. I'm really fond of the kids' design, and think if I print again I'll do some adult sizes with this graphic.

I happened to really enjoy spending the day manning my shirt table. It was fun to chat with folks and watch the evolution of the day's events. And Calder was a real trouper... the perfect t-shirt model and great company when he was around. He's such a friendly guy and seems to love knowing and being known by so many people in our community. I love that he's growing up in a place where folks rally to care for and support their friends and neighbors. Thumbs up Corvallis!

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