Monday, June 15, 2009

On a Sunday and a Monday


Went up to Gramma C's community garden plot yesterday. It was her first time up there actually in her plot since the accident.

There were lots of peas to pick (sugar snap and snow,) broccoli florets, and some hearty rhubarb stalks were cut and brought home to make more lovely spring-pink soda.

The neighbor's plot had some delicate poppies in bloom, and Gramma C's red yarrow was looking really great.

+ + +


Laura and Noah came by this morning with delicious brownies and an invitation to join them on a walk downtown for lunch and errands.

We followed our toe-heads to the Vietnamese sandwich shop then spent a humorous half hour in the hardware store while the kids loved the place up and made toys out of everything.

After a stop at the skate park to stare at the big boys, we spun through the Co-op, enjoyed a random run-in with my parent's neighbors (from Beaverton) who were on their way to Nye Beach for their anniversary, and strolled home with two sacked-out, rice cake-covered kiddos. He's out there right now asleep in the stroller by the chicken coop.

Oh, and while we were out Gramma C and her friend successfully corralled an escaped chicken back into the coop. Good thing I bought those long staple-like things at the hardware store today. The coop fencing definitely needs to be pinned tight to the ground!

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