Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Making it a good day

Was it the cloudy morning? Calder's tough time getting ready for school? Something else? Whatever it was, I really didn't want it to ruin my day. So, what to do?

Notice other beauties in the yard while out taking the weekly Study Buddy shots. Even though it's a bear that these are creeping into all the wild spaces, they do look lovely in bloom... and are delicious when the fruit ripens.

Cherish each red, ripe strawberry that escapes the voracious slugs.

Invite friends over for dinner, and cut the roses to bring inside to enjoy.

Build a fire in the firepit. I wish for a summer/fall/winter/spring/year filled with evenings by the fire. I've had hopes of this before. Will tonight be the first of many? It worked to just stop thinking about it and simply start snapping twigs and lighting matches. Our friends had already gone home, but it was only 7:45. I sat alone with Calder playing at a distance. Then Jeff came out. Then he went back in.

Just Calder and me again while the sky darkened and finally... a bat arrived flittering overhead. The frogs began to croak in the greenway. I let the fire dwindle and go out. Will we do it again tomorrow?

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Anonymous said...

i'm using your rose photo as my desktop background. love the colors!