Thursday, June 18, 2009

Berries by the river

After school today we biked down to the rocky beach to meet up with friends for some rock tossing and a little snacking.

I've been thinking lately about how I crave the light by the ocean. I'm trying to not get worked up about not living in a beach town. I think that acknowledging my affinity for beach light and exploring and appreciating the unique qualities of living on a river (as we do) are the better way to go. The beach isn't that far away, and it's a beautiful drive. If I could get my hands on one of these prints (esp. the first one to come into view, "06/08/04") I think I'd be quite happy to stare at it for hours whenever I find myself missing the beach light.

Also, today I finally installed some house numbers out where the pizza man can actually see them. I'm really pleased with how they look and will even photograph it to show here I like it so much. In a nutshell, they make me feel like we live in our own little bit of Sea Ranch or some other such wonderful, sea air, weathered wood retreat. Oh, what a little bit of the right stuff can do for my sense of place!

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