Saturday, May 09, 2009

Notes from her bedside

Carolyn/Gramma C was moved out of ICU and into a regular patient room on Thursday morning. All the various tubes and monitors have been removed. The woman had her first food, Jell-O, of course, on Thursday, and on Friday she was eating a real meal. The kids (Jeff and Julie) are learning how to put her brace on (front and back like a turtle shell) - and today she was learning how to do it herself.

And folks, she's walking. Sure, it's assisted, but who cares? On Tuesday there was an SUV squarely on her abdomen and she's already taking steps. Plenty of them too. More every day. This is the same woman who walked across the United States and most of Europe. She's got to walk. She's got to get up and get out and talk about it all. And she will. She's amazing.

A co-worker made this label like the ones they use at the Co-op (where Carolyn works) to identify the deli items and their ingredients.

There's a steady flow of visitors. She enjoys all the well wishes and conversations. The reach of this woman is far and wide.

There's still a lot to heal, but it's happening. It's all progress. We're very proud and thankful.

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Anonymous said...

Good News! Go Carolyn!