Monday, May 11, 2009

Crafting support

Jeff had the idea - shirts to wear for Mother's Day to show support and send a message.

I designed something and used iron-on transfer sheets that go through the printer. (I think we'll be making more of these and will go the silkscreen route for subsequent runs.)

Calder had one too. It just had "Share the Road" on the front with the bike, but the wiggle worm wouldn't sit still for a picture. I'm thinking the kids' version should have a bike with a trailer or kid's bike seat on the back so the "sharing" would have multiple relevant meanings.

Carolyn in her shirt over top the turtle shell-like brace that allows her to stand and walk (walker-assisted for the time being.)

Just wearing them in the hospital and in town on Sunday got a lot of attention. There happens to be a memorial ride, the Ride of Silence, Wednesday, May 20th (next Wednesday) that honors those killed or injured in bicycle accidents. It's an international event. We'll be participating along with many others in our Corvallis community and plan on wearing our shirts again.

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If the shirts weren't message enough for this post, I'd also like to get up on a little soap box for a moment and say something about insurance.

What we've learned...
I strongly recommend everyone revisit their auto insurance policy, (which I really hope you have if you drive,) and make certain that you are not underinsured. The motorist who hit Gramma C was not insured at all. This had added a level of frustration and complication on to Carolyn's hopes for complete compensation that could have been avoided had the driver paid for the appropriate insurance. We have insurance, and I know that I've rationalized myself out of those higher limits on our policy for years, but this event sent me to the phone and a call to our insurer. For an increase of only $7 per month our limits for someone injured in an auto-related event where I was found to be at fault went up from $15,000 (which wouldn't cover hardly anything) to $100,000. Trust me. It's a very small price to pay.

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Sue Crawford said...

Hi Rebecca,

My daughter, Laura, who lives in Long Beach, sent me the link to your blog. It came originally from Cari Marshall, a friend of hers. Small world.

I had heard about Carolyn's accident and I'm so sorry for her pain and struggle. I live at CoHo and there are folks here who are real biking advocates and would probably love to support her.

What can I do? Are your shirts available at the Coop?