Sunday, May 31, 2009


Earlier in the week Calder and I took a hike up in Peavy Arboretum. The Woodland Trail is a short loop through mixed evergreen and deciduous trees. We heard and saw deer and all kinds of birds.

Along the trailside were these furry trillium. Never seen those before.

Calder liked the interpretive signage along the trail, (he called them kid's signs I think because they were at his eye level,) and the occasional split log benches. We stopped and sat on every one.

He ran, walked backwards, listened, asked questions, kicked mole hills, explored a decomposing tree trunk, took side trails, led the way, lagged behind, and was proud of himself when he made it back to the beginning.

I've got my sights set on hiking the Cone Peak Trail in a month or so. When I spoke with the ranger station the other day they said there was still snow on the trail. Wow. I would not have thought with all our warm weather that would be the case. I thought I'd missed the wildflower show. Thankfully, I've still got time, and after 5 years of wanting to do the trail, I think this year we might actually do it.

Considering how competent Calder was on our little hike, I think he'll be just fine out in the big woods.

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Soon, Then said...

its so fun to take the little ones out in nature like this. :)

Also, gardening is so fun! The most expensive thing for us was just the soil for the garden!
Seeds for basil is a good idea, but we use so much of it that I also just went ahead and bought a fully mature basil plant at Trader Joe's too so we could reap the benefits now. After all, it was only $2.99... cheaper than buying an already picked bunch of it!
Happy gardening!