Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Study Buddy

I really liked this idea when I saw it on (yet another) Molly's blog Mommy Coddle a couple weeks ago. I think it will really aid in my efforts to stay present and appreciate change as the year goes on and the seasons unfold. It can be something Calder can also enjoy. I imagine doing this every year, and as he gets older the lessons can change to match his learning level.

I've chosen 5 buds in my yard. They've been marked with red yarn and this morning I took a picture of each one. I read about Molly's project a few weeks ago before the big leaf maples had popped their flowers and buds. I suppose by watching them burst onto our backyard scene I was, in some passive way, doing this mindful project. But because I didn't mark a bud to monitor and document it's first spring show, I ended up feeling like I'd missed my chance. (That may have triggered the whole angst-y issue I went on about the other day.) Well, now I'm back in the game folks, and looking forward to checking in on my 5 new buddies the rest of the year.

Here they are:

Vine Maple

Green Grape

Oregon Ash

Brown Turkey Fig

Italian Prune

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way to, Rebbers!