Friday, January 02, 2009


Calder and I just got home from spending a few days up at my parents' house.

The boy had requested a ride on the train to Portland, and then ended up finagling (a pretty easy thing to do with grandparents) two train rides. The first one took the boy and his Papa from Beaverton into downtown PDX and the stop right across from Finnegan's toy store. Imagine that!

I joined them on the second ride the next day that went from Beaverton to Lloyd Center and back, so we got to cross the bridge twice and ride for a lot longer. He was quite the train rider, and very conscientious of his ticket.

This morning we woke to find the heavy rains had turned to snow overnight and left the Portland area with just a little bit more winter white.

I felt lucky to be up there to see it. It seemed to be isolated to the metro area like the storms of the last couple weeks.

I took advantage of the opportunity to capture more snow with the cameras... including the new/old Polaroid 660... still trying to figure that thing out. And am hoping that the forecast for tonight which mentions snow will actually come to pass.

On a funny, unexpected, new year's good luck note: My parents lost a hub cap on their way down to our house on Christmas Eve when they took their chains off at a rest stop south of Portland. They looked for it on their way home to no avail, but on our way south today I thought to check again. Lo and behold, there it was, a little worse for wear, on the side of the road heading on to the interstate. That was a fun "I found it!" phone call to make.

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