Thursday, November 20, 2008


Today I drove down to Eugene to get some help and supplies from the folks at Georgies. I think I've got a new plan now for my stalled out ceramic project. I have high hopes for these little guys! It was so discouraging to go into the studio last week and find that not only had many of the wires collapsed and the balls fused together, but some had even attached themselves to other peoples' work. I'm looking at a low fire situation now, and am crossing my fingers that it will go smoothly and without the drama and disappointment of the first go round.

Wednesday our secret fairy was hard at work again. Following the first treat, (a lovely bouquet of hydrangea + sedum,) yesterday we looked out the front door to find a box containing a loaf of walnut raisin bread, a brick of cream cheese, a big pinecone, and a little collapsible lion toy. What a cool fairy! How they knew Calder's love for this kind of bread we may never know. He opened the bag, took out a brick of 4 slices, and proceeded to eat the whole thing.

I'm anxious to share in this space the things we're giving away to our secret fairy family, but I will wait until after the new year. If I can.

I'll leave you with this: A very sweet boy and his giant peppers, part of the second-to-last CSA box of the year.

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