Monday, November 17, 2008


Another nice weekend up in Portland.

Enjoyed finally getting out and about with Sarah. After checking out her studio we ventured over to the little winter sale. Nice to finally meet Abby and see (and purchase) a few of her photos. It was a sweet little sale. Driving from there we noticed the sign for the Llewellyn Holiday Market and stopped to check it out. Lots of nice things, but no purchases. I was taken with the clothes by Karina Potestio, especially this one, and will have to find her again. Very cool. We ended our outing with a couple non-whimpy decaf drinks at Ristretto (they do lovely work) and a spin through ink+peat.

In my own true fashion, I was yet again distracted by a new project. I bailed on two other ongoing pieces to pick up the needles and attempt some simple wrist warmers. The initial go with knitting in the round didn't work out, so these sewn together rectangles were born, and I rather like them. There's already another pair in the works.

Sunday we joined Raquel for a very casual fundraiser for her non-profit public health organization, Upstream. Didn't get to hang with her enough, but it was fun to snack on some cupcakes and celebrate the org's 6th birthday with some nice folks in a cool, brand new, green-built home on the backside of Mt. Tabor.

And Sunday evening Calder, Jeff, my mom and I went back downtown to catch Alicia's book party at Powell's. We didn't get to stay the whole time, but I definitely enjoyed hearing her talk about the book process. And just seeing her, and her husband, and Abby on Saturday for that matter, in person was great. The blogs come alive! It's about time!

Back home today, during Calder's naptime, I happened to look out the front window to see a bouquet resting on the windshield of our car. Ah-ha! The first gift of sweetness from our Secret Santa/Fairy. At the cookie party we all chose a family's name out of a hat and have from now until New Year's to surprise them with simple treats and bits of love. I've said it here before friends... we've got great neighbors!

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Blogging Molly said...

love the wristwarmers! and what a lovely bouquet - the stick stars and acorn necklaces will make perfect secret fairy gifts. haven't been to powells in a dozen years - we've got to make our way up to portland one day soon.