Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We were generously offered tickets to the Beaver's first home game of the season against Hawaii. I was looking forward to taking in the new stadium... and from the cush vantage point of the Club Level, no less.

Oh man, there's an awesome photographer who takes large format shots kind of like this. What's his name Dana?

I was messing around with the focus and liked a couple of these. Lots of orange and black and white-out light.

By the way, the Beavers routed the Warriors 45-7. Nice.

And even more impressive, Calder hung with Gramma while we were at the game and took a 3 hour nap at her place. If you didn't know, that's is the first time he's ever napped without me. It's a life-changing event for us all.

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tinkers555 said...

woo hoo! (on the nap, not the beavs)