Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Following our day at the beach we headed out again for a night camping on the McKenzie River. Gramma C and Julie scouted out a campsite for us all at Olallie Campground. We were on a rise above the river surrounded by tall Doug firs and huckleberries. (Too bad the only ones left on the bushes weren't ripe.)

After settling in at camp we drove up to Clear Lake and rented a row boat for a brief, but humorous (at least for the adults,) spin (literally) around the clear blue waters.

Calder was less than pleased with his life vest which pretty much immobilized him and made the adventure mostly frustrating.

However, he did seem to enjoy the boat itself and the vantage point from the water to the shore.

We had some fun watching young ducks "run" across the water and come right up to the boat. And took advantage of the popsicles and homemade pie at the dock office.

From the lake we drove back to view a couple of waterfalls. Clear Lake is the source of the McKenzie River. Due to late snow melt, the river was full and rushing like mad over both Sahalie and Koosah Falls. We took the trail between the two and I found it to be one of my most favorite types of trails. The vegetation and rocks with the river and the dry path were all just right.

The McKenzie was frothing and so white at points. It could be mistaken for snow in this image.

Gramma C and her boy enjoying one another's company, as usual.

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