Sunday, July 20, 2008


Sorry for the absence. The camera's batteries are out of juice and the recharger isn't working. I thought I was stalled, but then remembered I hadn't done a post about the Fair....

We went to the Oregon Country Fair last Saturday. It was the first time taking Calder, and our second time ever.

The experience was completely different with a little person. Less wandering "the 8" and more music/entertainment destination-minded. We opted for no stroller, which I still think was a good idea. He was carried whenever we moved from place to place, but that was actually fine. It's just so crowded there, that it would be difficult for him to see and be seen if he walked on his own.

We saw Tom Noddy's bubble show... good fun, and a really funny Ninja/acrobat group from Portland called NANDA; inadvertently caught a bit of the Sugar Beets, and otherwise walked the paths with breaks for buskers, parades, food (cake!), stilt-walkers, people watching, drumming, and diaper changes.

Outside the main gate there was a large metal instrument contraption set up for anyone to play. We spent some time exploring the sounds of the various percussion items, and Jeff took a turn with the horn - low and deep.

Calder was asleep before we got out of the parking lot, and I propped up my dirty fair feet on the way home and made plans for next year.

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Dave said...

Hi guys! You obviously know that the bubble guy used to live in the house across the street from the Louden Nelson/Laurel Park in Santa Cruz?

Maybe he's still around here somewhere....

Dr. R, you said you were looking for my email and/or website:

The Mess is still up there, great as ever!

Max and family documentation still up, but not recently updated, at:

You all look too healthy and happy to be true. And what's this deal about calling up Bookshop Santa Cruz but can't stop in to visit? Hmmm.

Glad you're (obviously) having a great time!