Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Happy 100th post! Some Shastas from the evening yard to celebrate. And check out Abby's awesome Shasta photo here.

Week 6 (I remembered to take a picture before we ate it.)

Purple onion
Golden and red raspberries

As I have already mentioned, we have an over abundance of salad greens. So, the family we're sharing the CSA with received the bag of salad mix, and I traded the head of lettuce for a second celery so we could both have one. (You've got to love a CSA that has a Trade Box!)

In the spirit of the urban forager I picked cherries yesterday from a tree we pass on the way home. Not sure of the variety, but they're good! Also, we picked blackberries (Sylvans perhaps?) at a farm outside of town. The picking was pretty sparse, but the berries are tasty. Our backyard bramble is looking really promising this year. I'm so glad we didn't have it removed like we were planning when we first bought the house.

Other current yard loveliness...

Fallen monkeyflower blossoms on the plant whose name, for the life of me, I can't remember...

Dusty miller about to bloom amidst the New Zealand flax.

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