Monday, June 30, 2008


It's (been) hot. And we were smart this past weekend and planned trips to take us out of the valley heat.

On Saturday morning we headed over to the coast. Nye Beach, specifically, to get some slices at Panini's to take with us to Otter Rock for our day at the beach. I was distracted by the cool new shop One Seventy One, and after collecting a few new (old) things we were on our way.

Due to a massive, recent crab slaughter there was a lot of lovely shell with which to get all arty. The gulls must be so fat on crab right now.

Papa and the boy playing ball.

Here comes my little and big!

We found a spot tucked up against the cliff with a smidge of shade. One of these would be nice, or some other sort of make-shift shade shelter. It was bright out there, and nice and warm too.

We heart Otter Rock.

And now that it's summertime, the ice cream/espresso truck is open for business!

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