Thursday, January 24, 2008


We've started looking at Tasha Tudor's books. I have a few from when I was little. I'm especially fond of A Time to Keep which is her month-by-month book of holidays.

With detailed watercolors she illustrates a year of celebrations and family life in the country complete with her corgies, easter egg trees, lots of birds, squirrels and bunnies, syruping picnics in the March snow, and who wouldn't love a woodland birthday with the cake floating down the river on a raft? (Calder and I both wonder how they will manage to catch all those cakes!)

The botanical illustrations that edge every page are filling my head with gardening ideas on this cold January day. (Is that a clematis vine in the image below?)

The spirit of her life and love of homemade celebrations are inspiring and worth cultivating in mine.

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Anonymous said...

Nice posts rebecca, I really miss the home-made stuff in my life right now- it is very nurturing. good reminder.

love, D