Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I took some time today, (not much) to prepare my birthday treat, banana pudding. This is the way my mom, and her mama, have always made it. Three things - layered - repeat at least once. It's just vanilla wafers, banana slices, and whipped cream. The co-op had organic van. wafers, so the entire thing is OG. Good! It's spending time in the fridge so the cookies can soften and the whole thing can come together just right.

And look. Someone helped me clean the beaters. What a guy.

Maybe some birthday I'll try to tackle making a pistachio torte like they have at Andre's in Houston. It was the cake for my first birthday, and I love it a lot. It seems like quite a fancy treat to try to recreate. You know it would have to be just the same as Andre's. One of these days.

For number 34 I'm quite pleased to have a big dish of banana pudding.

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