Friday, January 18, 2008


I had a great birthday yesterday. I even got a card from Calder... with a bird on it, of course!

Jeff's mom took me out to lunch at a little Vietnamese sandwich shop called Baguette. We had veggie spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce and baguette sandwiches with "Vietnamese hams" and lots of condiments. I love the fresh mint with the veggies. The flavor is so distinct and transportive. It's just not my everyday taste combination, but it's very good.

After our lunch we headed to my favorite thrift store in town for a little shopping. I found a sweet little cream pitcher with a cattail design and a couple good clothes for Calder.

But the best thing was our side trip into The Fingerboard Extension. It's a really awesome, old-timey music store here in Corvallis. We pushed Calder in (he was in the stroller) and an employee immediately began handing him instruments - ukeklele's, shakers. I mentioned having seen a young boy playing drums in the practice room with his dad on a previous visit. The guy offered to let us wheel Calder up to a full drum kit and play around. He loved it. Really cool. Check out the video if you have a minute to spare. We're going to be a foster family for a piano that will hopefully arrive in the next week or so. I can only imagine all the merry music making in our future.

Scott, Courtney and Joy joined us at Big River for dinner (see Jeff reflected in the mirror) after which we returned home and were joined by Liam, Brigetta and baby Rowan for a banana pudding feast. It was well received! There was just one serving left (from a double batch) and I had to eat it for lunch today... poor me!

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