Tuesday, December 04, 2007


And if you weren't so busy watching this cutie stare at his belly button, you might see how nice the new *white* carpet looks.

We're officially a shoe-less house. But don't worry. We've got lots of slippers to share if your toes get cold!

Huey's enjoying the expansive cat scratcher too.

We all had beautiful plates brimming with delicious food on Thanksgiving. Ya-Ya Corn, sweet potatoes and apples, fresh cranberry sauce, turkey and many other things. Calder pretty much stuck to the corn casserole, but that just left more for the rest of us.

Not that we needed to eat it all, but man our desserts were tasty too! Apple pie and pecan tassies with vanilla ice cream and coffee. That's how you do it, folks.

And to work it off... a walk to the park so the little guy could play on the slide. He loves to walk up - with a little help - and then slide down and do it all over again.

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