Monday, November 19, 2007


It was another stormy November weekend in Yachats, Oregon as we and four of our neighbors ventured out for our annual vacation at the beach. Nevermind the rain and wind, we had fun hanging out inside with the dogs and the boy watching football, and movies, and the constantly shifting weather.

We had few chances to get out for walks. Some were well timed, others left us soaked and hurrying back to the warm house. We might be wise to plan our next trip during another month. Or not. Tradition is fun, and spending time with friends in close quarters has been good. Calder certainly benefits from all the attention, and I would imagine that, in the coming years, other little ones will too.

The following moment in sight and sound was captured on the 804 trail on our dry walk back from the little town of Yachats.


tinkers555 said...

i love the zipper chewing in that very stylish rain slicker!

Anonymous said...

great lil film! very convincing chicken! subtle yet confident.

love, D