Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Way to represent all you grandparents and great grandparents! The boy enjoyed all the love-filled greetings today. And yes, he will be your Valentine.

*Note: Though it was originally given at Christmastime, I felt the "Oh come let us adore me" onesie was suitably appropriate for today.

The love (of sweets and spouses) was flowing around here. Jeff treated me to an extra dark chocolate from Dagoba. I really liked the dark that I tried the other day. Today's treat is the eclipse 87% extra bittersweet. I think this will test how much I like dark chocolate.

Jeff also made a mix "tape" for me. How romantic... really.

And for Jeff... two Valentine "fusion" cookies from Taylor Street Ovens. He likes the ginger and the oatmeal raisin, I just made them a little more festive. Calder and I worked on an additional treat for dad, but it's not done just yet. We're working out the kinks and will hopefully be able to show it here soon.

Hope you all had a LOVE-ly day.

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