Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Here's the dining area... floor installed, "new" furnishings arranged, and floor molding still in the garage waiting to be put back in place.

And a view of the bookshelves in the living room. Have you seen the new couch? We decided to go ahead and put the shelves in even though we weren't sure if they needed a coat of white paint. What do you think?

They really darken the room, but warm it up too. I'm going to fill in the spaces around the books with tchochkes and various art-ifacts, photos, etc. We're thinking we need some sort of recessed lighting in the living room ceiling. Perhaps two canister lights for every wall and a fan hook-up installed in the middle? Check out Calder cranking in the club chair; not happy to be set down so I could take this shot.

Lastly, a bad picture looking down the hall. The light looks so garish and bright. I just wanted to show how the floor looks here as well. We opted to not cover the entry way, which I think will look fine once we get the transition/finishing pieces in. Also, this hallway needs LOTS of artwork and new lighting.

Always another project.


tinkers555 said...

the floor looks great! so much better than before. it really makes the blue walls pop. i think the shelves look nice in wood. maybe you could paint the inside backs with some light color to brighten up but still leave wood showing?

Daniel said...

the kitchen looks great as well as the floors. I like the book shelves, but think sarahs idea of painting the inside black is a good one, still accentuating the wood framing but ties the kitchen's black to the living/den room black. What will you put between the shelves i wonder, something with a long trunk maybe???