Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Look at this bloom! Made its appearance a couple days ago. There's three big flowers, a fourth on its way, and a second stalk inching its way up out of the giant bulb.

I don't think I've ever seen one as petal-y as this.

Calder discovered that the dry skin on the bulb is too tempting and makes a good "crunch!" This may have been his first "dirt" experience. It didn't go any further than what you see here. No mouthfuls just yet. Then we enjoyed a little hand washing.

This amaryllis, along with our two displays of paperwhites (both anchored by Jeff's marble collection,) are bringing a nice bit of Spring inside our home. And the cats are being remarkably good about all the plant life, thank goodness. I'd like to get some good bud-dy branches one of these days too. Thanks for the bulbs, mom!

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tinkers555 said...

that's one big amaryllis!