Wednesday, January 17, 2007


That's right. Today I turned 33. Whoopee! The clearest thing I realized today was that my world no longer revolves around me. It is now Calder's world and I am there for him. His birthday will become a bigger day for me, I am certain.

A birthday really is such a major day for the mother. I hope to carry on my family tradition of calling mom, or getting a call from mom, at the time of birth. It didn't happen last night (I was born at 12:28am) because we were all asleep, and who would call a family with a 5 month old at that time of night anyway? But in a few years the phone'll be ringing again for me, and on his birthday, for him.

To celebrate today I went to kickboxing. Good to sweat a bit. And when Jeff got off work we went out to dinner with the boy at Aomatsu and really pigged out. I don't think I've ever ordered that many items before. We had edamame, maguro nigiri, an unagi roll, gyoza, and shrimp yaki soba which came with salad and miso, plus a pot of tea. I was stuffed! Well, I suppose there was still room for a cupcake with whipped white frosting and crushed candy cane on top! But then I was really stuffed.

Jeff gave me a big box filled with all sorts of supplies for crafting, including yarns, crochet hooks, paper, glue, tools, ribbons, etc. And over the weekend my parents gave me/us a crock pot/slow cooker which will hopefully get a lot of use at our house. I'll also be receiving a subscription to Domino magazine.

Got to talk to family and friends and spend time with Calder and Jeff. It's been a fine day, I'd say, and a mighty good birthday.

Thank you, mom. Love, rebecca.


amisha said...

hi there,
happy belated birthday! sounds like it was a wonderful day... sushi + crafty presents! and domino is great fun... i love flipping through it and getting new ideas.

Anonymous said...

hi rebecca and jeff and wonderful baby calder

really enjoyed this window into your world - you are blessed for sure!
Dana keeps me up to date as often as she is able to be up to date - you are all so busy!

love to all
jan d