Wednesday, November 06, 2013


We welcomed a new fuzzy member into our household.

Max.  He was Maxamillion in the shelter, and while Jeff and I would technically prefer Maxwell for his first name, the boys are committed to Maxamillion.  In the tradition of naming our pets for places we've lived, Max's middle name is Cruz.  (Quinn = Algonquin, IL; Houston = Houston, TX; Cruz  = Santa Cruz.)

And Houston.  Yes.  There's an obvious resemblance.  I am smitten with these beautiful cats... Maine Coons without the official pedigree.

Max is just about 6 months old - about the same age Houston was when we adopted him.  And Houston grew to be 26 lbs.  We wonder if Max will grow to be so big?  

He's a bundle of energy with a floppy, soft kitty body.  He's funny and cuddly, and while he does get up in Quinn's business, she's gaining patience for all his attention, and Max already knows she's the boss.

Welcome to our busy home, Max!  See you at the top of the Christmas Tree!  (I'm almost positive he's going to attempt an ascent!)

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seana graham said...

I'm voting with the boys on the name.