Monday, June 03, 2013

Berry fingers

Yay!  It's berry time again!

We are down to our last bag of blueberries, so I suppose the 30-some pounds we picked last summer was just about right.  Though, I have held off on opening that last bag, so I suppose we could do with more.  It's so wonderful having a freezer filled with berries!

Yesterday, a quick search of our local Craigslist revealed the u-picks were ready at my favorite patch just south of town.  I scooped up my family and our neighbors and we met in the field for an hour of early-season picking.

We are lucky to live in such a fertile valley, with a climate that accommodates a most wonderful variety of produce.  Berries abound in the summer.  You could pick buckets of different types each week if you wished.

Many of yesterday's berries are already frozen away for future smoothies, galettes, and ice cream... yum!  Our neighbors shared a quick batch of tapioca with a sweet strawberry and fennel puddle at the bottom... pretty and delicious!  I made a half recipe of these strawberry paletas to check for flavor.  Lake approves, so I suspect there will be more.  More picking.  More freezing.  More feasting on berries!

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k said...

yum, i love berry season too. i picked 15lbs of strawberries last weekend, and can't wait to add some other fresh berries and fruits to that haul.