Saturday, May 11, 2013


We were lucky enough to be around when a hive of bees swarmed in our neighbor's tree this afternoon.

And where we live, it's not hard to fine someone willing to adopt the swarm into the hives they keep.  

In no time at all, our friend Tal was there with an empty hive.  The kids helped spread honey on a few of the frames to attract the bees and offer them a little food before they build combs of their own.

I've never seen a swarm so close.  The branch they were on was right over the sidewalk, maybe just 7 feet off the ground.  The bees were so docile, Tal said because they were with their queen and didn't have a hive or honey to defend.  I was able to stand right underneath the basketball-sized wad of bees and watch their activity.

A branch or two were sacrificed.  The bulk of the bees were shaken off, and the lid swiftly placed on the box.  Not everyone made it in, and those guys will apparently find their way back to their original hive... or not.

What a cool thing to see on a hot, Saturday afternoon.  Keep your eyes and ears peeled, folks.  You never know what amazing everyday things may be coming your way.

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bridgmanpottery said...

know what's funny? my swarm swarmed today! Huge beach-ball sized swarm left my over-crowded hive and flew 15-20 ft up to the top of my fig tree. My mentor came to get it b/c I didn't have room for another hive. Took us 2 hours to get it down. I should post it!