Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Up above my head

The roofers are stomping around above my head, but here in the studio, the Arc ceramic mobiles are making a most lovely tinkling sound with every bang and thud.

Who knew these delicate pieces could be charmed by such a force?

I'm almost through assembling the series.  They (along with many other sweet pieces still in the works) will be available for purchase this weekend during the First Annual SouthTown Art Walk, an open studio tour of artists in our neighborhood.

I will also be listing them in the shop here or perhaps a new shop designed just for the finer pieces.  If you would like to receive a message when they become available, please send me an email at vietreb {at} yahoo {dot} com and I can put you on my mailing list.

1 comment:

Tracy said...

these are lovely lovely! i wish i could be there tomorrow too. we have decided on a christmas in manitoba (!) this year. we will be with my brother and sister-and-law, and my mom. it will be a real winter (a first) for the girls. i am looking forward to it. xo