Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Before drop-off on the first day, (a little bit of rain, a little bit of nerves):

At pick-up, (sunny skies and a subtle smile to go with the impatient, "Can we go?!"):

I've gotta say, I was quite pleased with the report after the first day.  Well, actually, he didn't give me a report, per se.  I've learned not to expect him to record all he did when he's so busy simply doing it!   But, a glance through the little window in the classroom door showed an open, bright, curious face.  (I'm going to look forward to these covert peeks.)  And he volunteered multiple times that he had a "great day", it was "a lot of fun", they had "3 recesses"(!), one of his table-mates was "pretty rambunctious", he played basketball during recess, and he whispered to me, "I made a new friend." who he thinks is named Brian.  (So sweet!)

They do a staggered start, so he was with half the kids on Monday and didn't go yesterday.  On the eve of his second day of Kindergarten, that's been enough time for him to get the jitters and start saying that "Kindergarten was scary."

I will say, he had some tears at drop-off on the first day, but once I was out the door they dried up.  Drop-offs have always been rough for the two of us.  Jeff's going to take him tomorrow and we'll see if that's any different.  I do know the teacher keyed in on him right away and rocked the transition.

Here we go!

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