Sunday, June 17, 2012

At trip to the museum

When last in Portland we finally paid a visit to the art museum.  It had been many many years since I had been there.  And Calder, in all his years, had never been to an art museum.  (How could that be?!  In actuality, I know that living in this small town and taking field trips to farms and forests instead of institutions of high art, is certainly the reason we haven't been until now.)

Dan Flavin's piece was a hit.

But I gotta say, Calder was a real grump for the most of it.

And Lake wasn't too sure about the Dishwasher, but he grooved on roaming the buildings with the non-judgemental curiosity of an almost-2-year old.

We're gonna have to take these boys to a few more museums before too long.

Do you look at the world differently after spending time in a museum?  We admired the raindrops on the light and dark cement.  The little things.

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scott davidson said...

Our strange neighbor adores cats and had them everywhere in her house. As if the dozen live cats were not enough, in every room in her house, she has framed prints, large and small, of the blessed animals.0
She says that she orders her canvas prints, like this one by Franz Marc, from who delivers them. Perhaps they can take away a cat or two as well.