Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wishing and receiving

At this point, all I really want to say is that I would love to have a batch of these in a jar on the counter.

Sadly, I'm not that lucky today.  But I do have a pumpkin, well, sweet meat squash actually, pie cooling on the counter instead.  And a small carton of whipped cream waits in the fridge to join the pie later this evening.  Small victories.

Oh, and Mother's Day?  It was warm and well celebrated.  All the local mothers in our family gathered at Dancing Oaks Nursery to explore the grounds and dream up new gardening schemes for our own yards.  It's a lovely space out on its own, a remote oasis amongst the agricultural fields of Linn County.

The nursery stop was quickly followed by a trip to Falls City and The Bread Board.  (I finally got to share this goodness with my parents!)  Fabulous pizza, iced Americanos, Limonata and hula hoops on the lawn.  The mamas were well fed!

My boys found some fun jewelry, a ring and a necklace, for me to wear on this Mother's Day.  Thanks, guys!  I don't have a photo to share, but believe me when I say it's sweet and fashionable.

These days have been so sunny and warm!  Instant summer weather that makes me wonder if those ever-present clouds will ever return.  I haven't been spending nearly as much time in front of a screen... a very good thing, I think!  But I don't want to miss out on sharing here, so hopefully things will pick up again soon.

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Tracy said...

You know I'd gladly hand deliver ;) I'm behind here. Lemon icebox cookies in the freezer - I'll try and wake up early to bake.
It will be good to see you this summer! xo