Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Calder's brought his teenie hummingbirds to the now-opening quince in our living room. They've been sipping up nectar all morning.

And I've been sipping up the new-found good vibes from doing a little home yoga practice for 3 days in a row now. (Pat on the back.) I feel sore in my shoulders and back, but it's kind of nice to feel it. These muscles have been latent for a long while and they're not too shy to tell me so. You know, I've been counting carrying Lake around as cardio and strengh training, but I'm pretty sure it's not a valid form of exercise unless I do it for 30 minutes or more with an elevated heartrate. No, this yoga is good for me. And thankfully, Jeff's had such a consistent home practice for months now that we've got a little yoga studio space set up at all times. Nice.

And another thing that's been sending me good vibes lately is the work of Ariele Alasko, an artist/builder in Brooklyn (but of course.) I feel like we're kindred makers even though most of my making has been on hold for a few years through my kiddos' early days. I told a friend recently that I was pretty sure if Ariele and I lived in the same town she and I would be duking it out over piles of old, worn wood. Lucky for the two of us we're many miles apart, and I can claim all the fallen fences in Oregon while she gets the lath from old buildings in New York. We both win!


k said...

oh man, that is the sweetest little hummingbird. yay for yoga - i am itching to get back into it but my healing wrist won't let me do a lot of the moves right now, so i just try to do some basic stretches. i think having a spot for a little 'studio' would be perfect to keep you motivated.

Molly said...

imagine me, patting you on the back :) way to go with the yoga! i'd love to incorporate more yoga into my life. if only george practiced . . . adorable hummingbird, btw. off to check out your link.