Friday, December 02, 2011

I found a reason

I am a scavenger.

When I lived in the city I collected city things from the alleys, the gutters, the sidewalks.

Now, much nearer the country, (some would say that without question I'm in the country,) I collect mostly bits and pieces of the natural world.

As you can see here:

On a walk the other day, yes, with my clippers, I gathered holly sprigs for a bouquet. (I like to remove all the leaves and display the twiggy branches with only the clusters of bright red berries.) There's a holly bush in the cemetery that's growing through the fence. I'm fairly certain no one would balk at my clipping here and there. Right? Let's call it pruning.

And then there's the wood. I scavenge quite a bit of wood. Branches. Siding. Fallen down fences. This time a pretty hefty portion of a fallen oak branch. All covered with lichen and moss. It was a heavy one, but we didn't have far to go. I'm sure we were quite a sight strollin' down the way with all the holly piled up and the big ol' log. All for good. All for good.

This stuff is so beautiful and purposeful. I'm surprised I don't see more of me (folks like myself) walking around doing the same.


Jeff said...

Beautiful post, Rebbers!

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

I am a fellow clipper! and I keep a shovel in my car at all times, too since you never know what treasures might be waiting be dug up in a ditch :)

Beautiful holly. We don't have any here and seeing yours makes me a bit homesick.