Saturday, November 12, 2011


I remember thinking, back in June, about the days getting shorter from that point on until it tips again in December and heads back the other way.

So really, come November, there's not many of these short days left before they start being longer and longer again.

...We are nearer to Spring than we were in September...

And all that.

Still, I guarantee we've got a good bit of rain and cold and grey to go before we see those Spring bulbs pushing through.

Calder's doing a cool project with his dad called Observations. Every other week they walk over to the pond on the other side of the greenway and check out the plant and animal activity, the weather, the sounds. They take pictures and record notes.

This week I was invited to come along and be the photographer. We counted 24 ducks - the biggest group they've seen, 4 nutria - 2 adults and 2 adolescents, a breeze blowing leaves out of the trees that settled on the pond's surface, raindrops, ripples, a white/grey sky.

Lake held onto a leaf the wind had gifted him.

Calder slid down the slide at the park before we walked home. Jeff almost got stuck.

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