Monday, November 14, 2011

In line

The post office was very busy. Calder wrangled Lake while I filled out customs forms.

He's so mindful of his little brother. I tried to tell him he didn't have to keep such close watch, but I don't think he could control it. His awareness of Lake is probably a good thing in many ways.

The package to Sicily(!) was light as a feather... or maybe seven.

* * *

When he sang this afternoon in the kitchen I was struck by the true beauty and sweetness of his voice. My attention triggered vulnerability and self criticism. "Don't look at me, Mom. I sound like a girl." He's only five.

One of his cousins sang in a choir when he was young. I need to tell him this. Perhaps it will help him feel comfortable with his voice and the idea of singing in front of others. And then to find a choir...

Why is it so hard for me... for him... to take a compliment?

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