Thursday, November 17, 2011

Home and away

All of a sudden it got dark dark dark.

Lake woke up from his nap in the car.

The drops began to fall.

Baking off six cookies and pouring a second big cup of coffee and a wee cup of milk was the perfect thing to do.

I guess I won't plant the daffodils today.

It's Calder's afternoon with Gramma C.

Today he asked me, "Mom, what is Heaven? Does a guy live there?" I am loving all these big questions. They're so challenging and thoughtful. I feel a great responsibility to offer considerate, open answers. Non-answers, really. More like more questions to keep him thinking and feeling. I'm not entirely comfortable pointing to any one particular thing, but I know he's young and may wish for more guidance than I'm offering. We talked quite a lot about souls around Halloween and Day of the Dead.

I know families whose children went in the opposite direction of their parents when it came to faith. Makes me wonder what our boys will do. Calder's heart is predisposed to deep deep feelings.

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