Saturday, July 23, 2011

With friends

Crazy that these guys had never met Lake... until now.

We spent a long overdue Saturday with my Jr. High/High School best friend, Sarah, and her family on our last weekend in Portland.

The kids connected. Lena was a rock star big sister reading stories to Calder. And, wow. 8 is big!

Chris cooked for us all day, and we didn't stop eating. We brunched on two rounds of bacon, eggs, and potatoes, (cooked in the bacon grease because we just had to,) sausages for dinner, and nectarine cobbler with two kinds of "homemade just moments before" ice cream to top it all off - strawberry and lavender cream. Thank you, Chris!

I love that we can see these people, after a whole year has passed, and just fall into their house and lives as if we do it all the time.

Calder hopped on Eli's bike and rode off (fast!) like a pro. What a surprise! Though, I know the tagalong has been an awesome intro to biking. He probably rode a couple miles all said, and had a blast giggling and racing around. I think he even worked in a skid!

Poor Eli ended the evening with a fever and lots of snuggles with his mama. Feel better, Eli!

At the end of the day Papa Chris had this to say, "You know, some babies kind of annoy me, but I really appreciated lake." That's our boy! A love to be around. And we love to be around you, Tinkers! We can't let it be a year until the next time!


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tinkers said...

We love you too! Love the photos.