Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Circle 'round the sun

He's done it, folks. Our little Wilder Lake has just completed his first trip around the sun. May he enjoy many many more!

It's a bummer that he suffered a fever and poor sleep all last night, so we had to cancel our little party with friends this afternoon. But, we'll still celebrate with Gramma C tonight. And we had a Skype celebration with Gran Freda and Papa this morning. So 21st Century.

Calder gave Lake a gift he'd picked out, and even helped purchase, for his little brother, a cool tugboat for the tub. Of course they had to try it out right away, and of course Calder had to show him how it worked.

We're feasting on a modified version of the cake we had to celebrate his birth one year ago. I used spelt and less than half the sugar this time. The whipped cream and strawberries are still present, but our raspberries haven't come on yet. Give 'em a couple days. They're looking really good.

Lakey, we're so happy to have you here with us. You're a loveable, gentle, sweet sweet boy with such a wonderful sense of humor, a quick smile, and those sparkly, blue eyes to match your name. This time, a year ago today, we knew you were on your way. Laughing when my water broke as I bent to pick up a dropped ball of yarn; eating two bowlfulls of spaghetti bolognese my parents had just left with us and a huge serving of strawberry shortcake from our friend Laura; being walked through the house by your brother, Calder, like the husband walks his laboring wife in the film Birth Day; my labor with you was intense but there were moments of great happiness amidst all the hard work. And you were born at home. It was the best thing. I am so glad. And I really don't know how we could ever move from this home now that it's the site of your birth. I told your dad last night that if we have to leave I'm going to have that piece of our bedroom floor cut out so it can come with us.

It's been an amazing year, little one. I can't believe it's even been a year, but knowing that it means you've made a full trip around the sun puts the measure of time into clearer perspective. This is a year. It's been the most present period of my life that I've ever experienced. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Thank you for being you. Happy Birthday Wilder Lake. I love you.


LA said...

Beautiful! Happiness to all.

rita said...

Love the berry picture!

Joy said...

Oh mama, you are so sweet. Your boys are so lucky. Happy birthday to sweet Lake...and love and misses to you all. (By the way, I would want to take the floor too.)

whiletangerinedreams said...

What a cute! You're husband walked you around the house like he did in Birth Day!! Stop it, I'm so jealous. That was the most intensely romantic moment ever. Next thing you're going to tell me is that you have a bathtub like theirs. ;) Your family's so beautiful. xo