Monday, January 10, 2011

A 6-month update

Lake and the new art studio in our house are pretty much the same age. Big things have been happening for both here at the 6-month mark.

We had the two new walls sheetrock'd right before Christmas. It was the right decision. My other plan would have taken for.ever. I'm really happy we did it.

Once that was done I was able to paint - "studio white" - and put in the new lighting. I'm now on to the shelves. These 3 L-shaped ones are now up, but what you see here is my attempt at visualizing them in place with the help of some other shelving. (Don't want to make a wrong move or drill an errant hole with these new pristine walls!)

The floor will remain concrete. It's chilly this time of year but my awesome slippers keep my toes toasty warm. And the space heater brings things up to "quite comfortable" in no time. I think the concrete will prove to be the most practical too as far as mess-making and care-free-ness goes. I assume this space will be popular with Calder and Lake too.

I'm slowly untangling the knot of boxes and random things in the garage, bringing in what belongs in the studio and chucking out more stuff. Once the "desk" is assembled I'll move the computer in here and things will really start to look official.

As for Lake... well, the 6-month mark for him meant it was time to sit up pretty much without any practice. One day it was as if he simply decided to cut to the chase and just do it. Sometimes he uses his hands on either side to stay upright, but usually he just sits like a pro - as if he'd been working at it for months. He has no teeth, where his contemporaries are at 5 and counting, but he learned to sit in what seemed like an instant. I wonder if other big things like crawling and walking will happen in the same way. I have no doubt Calder will be a huge motivator with all these things.

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Joy said...

Wow, Lake has gotten so big and even more adorable! We hope to see you guys on Saturday.