Friday, July 09, 2010

Day 11

These first days.

Couldn't really ask for more.

The babe is a dream.

He sleeps a lot, and has spent some time recently in the sleeping box our friends helped us set up by the bed... my version of a co-sleeper that uses the box from the pram from my own infancy. It's suspended by ropes which hang from a hook and spring in the ceiling. Seems a cozy enough spot. We still spend most of our time together, but I thought a separate bedside option every now and then would be a good thing. Keeping it from becoming a space to store blankets and books however, is not an easy task.


M. said...

so sweet, good to hear you're doing ok. :)

Joy said...

Simply beautiful. We really hope to see you soon.

Molly said...

precious, precious, precious. the picture of him nursing with the flower - oh. my. goodness.