Monday, April 12, 2010

80 miles to the north

It was a typical, great weekend in the city.

Admired the riteous up-cycle of a classic ride.

And enjoyed the beer and community at a first anniversary celebration.

Rode MAX and the Streetcar as often as we liked.

Took down some classic Thai street food from a favorite Portland cart. (So good! Highly recommended.

Check her Twitter for availability.)

Bought some yarn...

... and watched it spin.

Sampled the highly touted cinnamon roll from Grand Central and found it to be good. The jammer too.

And enjoyed a hike and plant sale in the dappled Spring woods at Tryon Creek State Park.

Though it rained a lot last night, and looks to do the same tonight, we had blue skies at home today and I felt it was just enough of a sunny window to mow the tall grasses of our lawn. It always looks like such a lovely park after mowing. I think I'm ready to do some planting too.

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