Saturday, March 20, 2010

Of course, of course

On this beautiful first day of Spring (yay!) we were invited to join some friends on a jaunt out to a farm property to feed the horses.

These beasts are a motley crew - large and lovely nevertheless - of horses, mules, and a llama that the owner sends out into the Cascades as pack animals in the summer months.

Otherwise, they live here in pasture on the banks of the Calapooia munching grass and drinking from the river most days with a weekly visit from friendly folks to hand out a little grain, alfalfa, and apples.

The property is littered with all manner and years of collected treasure (junk?). Refrigerators, windows, doors, bathtubs, odd farm tools, trucks, signs, mattress springs. It's all exposed. Slowly being reclaimed by the land.

Most of it is growing something. Much of it is curious and sparks questions.

Like, "Why did they tie yards and yards of red plastic twine to the barn gate?"

The creatures were quite personable. Well, the llama was timid, but we enjoyed him too from a distance. I think we left Calder's hoodie hung over a rung of the corral. We'll be out there tomorrow to retrieve it. It's supposed to rain.

Happy Spring to you!


M. said...

Happy Spring! :)

Cinnamon said...

Hi Rebecca,
It was lovely running into you at the yarn shop. I am indeed already enjoying the quietness, and also the amount of things I've been able to complete. It's amazing. Good luck with the soaker patterns. The ones I made seemed like miles of garter stitch and I was so glad to be done making them. Happy spring!

Molly said...

So pretty! Happy spring!!