Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Secret Fairies - the last drop(s)

Drops 3 and 4 were uneventful compared to this one.

But that's just fine by me. I hope our fairy family enjoyed their season of special treats, and look forward to the reveal party sometime in January when we get to guess who our fairy was (we've got a pretty solid idea) and share stories (the good and the bad) of our experiences.

I failed to photograph Drop 3, but it included the following:

• Cinnamon applesauce ornaments like the ones shown here. (I followed Kyrie's
recipe and they came out great!) Oh, and we also gave these out to other friends
and neighbors... didn't want to overload our fairies with all the cinnamon seen

• Gumdrop tree kit like the one shown here that we gave last year's fairy family.

• Carmel corn (aka Crack Corn it's so friggin' addictive!) recipe from Luckybeans.

Drop 4 (the last one):

We delivered our final collection of treats while out for a walk on Christmas Day.

• Homemade Christmas crackers filled with little goodies like fortune teller fish, mini slinkies, tiny animal figurines, cool pins, Chinese handcuffs and enough confetti to make a festive mess. Unfortunately, I couldn't locate any store-bought crackers to dismantle for the snap, so these were just cracker-shaped treat tubes that they would have had to bust open to get at the contents inside. Ah well.

• A half-dozen eggs courtesy of our very own ladies-who-lay delivered in a custom carton featuring maid Marian.

• Mossy quart jar terrariums for the two kids - a polar bear and a tropical tree frog.

And that's all folks! Another season of secret fairy gifting has ended. I wonder whose name we'll draw out of the hat next year!

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Molly said...

i love the decorated egg carton! i might have to experiment with that. even just having the kids paint on them would spruce them up a bit.