Friday, December 18, 2009

Our town

In our town this time of year the bus service adds a special ride. (He sees it coming!)

The Holiday Trolley takes a 1-hour loop around town stopping at local businesses. The majority of the riders are adults with children who ride just for the fun of it.

It looks just like a trolley. There's a wreath on the front and twinkle lights, festive music playing, and the inside is nicely designed to look and feel like old-time trolleys with wooden slat benches and seats. It's cozy.

We took a trip 'round town the other day, got off at the toy store (naturally,) and walked back to the co-op via the pedestrian bridge over Mary's River. The ice is all melted now, but it was a pretty sight. The confluence of the Willamette and Mary's Rivers... a nice view to end our fun adventure.

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