Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Playing squirrel

Carolyn (Gramma C) and I went out to a friend's property this morning to play squirrel. There was an English walnut tree and a couple of hazelnut trees (filberts) that had recently dropped bucket-loads of nuts.

We eagerly - and easily - gathered a bucket of walnuts, and did the same with the hazelnuts.

This is the cute new "squirrel" hat from my Aunt Winnie. According to her she knits off a hat with the left-over yarn from whatever project she's just completed. Lucky me, I just happened to be around when this sweet brown one became available.

Though today it's raining as predicted, and it looks to be doing so for as far out as the weatherman's willing to forecast, we stayed dry under the canopies of the trees.

And now I've got to read up on the harvesting and processing of fresh tree nuts. The walnuts are out of their husks. Do I need to dry them somehow? Are they ready to shell? A taste test is in order. Too bad Jeff doesn't love nuts!

I'm thinking of sending some hazelnuts to our family friends in Houston - you know who you are. :) And maybe trying to make something like this for my mom. Apparently it was her favorite bakery treat when she was in France.


Anonymous said...

Correction: Jeff doesn't love walnuts (&, of course, the oft dreaded peanut), but I never said anything bad about a hazelnut!


rebecca said...

Okay. But see, I said, "Jeff doesn't LOVE nuts." specifically instead of "LIKE". Because you haven't expressed anything near "love" for any nut besides the macadamia nut which you pretty much only eat when someone brings them back from Hawaii covered in chocolate and caramel. I'm glad you're willing to try all these things even though some in the nut family clearly repel you... peanut, cashew. And I do recall the pecan pie from last Thanksgiving was well received. So... nuts to you!

Fine Little Day said...

hazelnuts, how very nice.