Sunday, September 20, 2009

Seasons round

Months ago I signed up to participate in the Seasons Round Exchange. This was my first blog exchange, so I was a little excited and nervous about the pairing and my choices for what goodies to send.

We sent them a mobile made from a lichen encrusted oak twig hung with feathers from each of our 9 chickens,

and three packets of seeds gathered from flowers in Calder's garden. (Bright Lights Cosmos, Giant Globe Marigold, & Scarlet Runner Beans.)

We were paired with a lovely, talented family in Austin, TX who sent us a wonderful collection of handmade Autumn treats.

A big felted pumpkin with curly tendrils and some colorful felted leaves......

And we must have been on the same wavelength, because there seems to be some sweet similarities between these particular gifts...

Little acorns from Austin...

and the little acorns we sent from Corvallis! (Crocheted using Molly's tutorial. If this were a printed tutorial my copy would be worn through. I've made a lot of these little guys!)

Sign-ups for the Winter Exchange {Light} (check the timeline in the sidebar) begin on October 1st. And there's a Seasons Round Exchange flickr group if you'd like to check out what folks are making + sending.

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